Favorite Song of the Week

My favorite song this week (and last week for that matter) is Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. She gave a bomb-diggity performance last night, didn’t she? Shout out to you know who in the audience!

Here are some select lyrics, which I took from LyricWiki:

But something happened for the very first time with you
My heart melted to the ground, found something true
And everyone’s looking ’round, thinking I’m going crazy

But I don’t care what they say
I’m in love with you
They tried to pull me away
But they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein that I keep on closing

You cut me open and I
Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love
You cut me open

Hmmmm . . . I really enjoy this song. I like the beat, I like how the music doesn’t kick in until the chorus. But looking at these words, I can deduce that Leona Lewis is abso-freakin-lutely crazy. She’s like the crazy chick in those cliche movies who sleeps with the dude on the first date and falls in love with him. Based on the lyrics, apparently her friends also think she’s crazy, as they don’t hesitate to try to pull her away from the dude who hit it and quit it.

And then, in an ultimate display of love, she tells the Barney-like character (watch How I Met Your Mother – it’s awesome) to “cut” her “open” and she will keep “bleeding love.” Wow. If I am Leona Lewis’ ex-boyfriend (or ex-Barney for that matter), I would run as far away from the UK as possible. I’d straight hide in the South American rain forests, because this girl is not joking. She will track your ass down, hand you a knife, and ask you to cut her ass open so she can bleed love for you. I’m imagining her next single to be four and a half minutes about seppuku.

I still love the song though. I’m going to sing it to the hubby to freak him out.


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