The Island

When I was in elementary school, I used to imagine a world with an Island. Many of you out there know about this island of my fantasies. No, you pervert. It was not that kind of island – an 8-year old does not think of that kind of island. I imagined an island of individuals who . . . did not live up to their intellectual capacities. I believe the lay term would be — stupid people. I recall plenty of these individuals while I was growing up. I recall thinking of pragmatic (no, I did not know what pragmatic meant) ways to make use of these individuals such that society would benefit. I realize now that such Island conflicts with my democratic ideals and may indeed be wholly antithetical to any egalitarian or normative concept of society. But hell, I was 8 years old and was annoyed by stupid people.

I recall being particularly annoyed by people and telling them, “You should be on the Island.” I would grin, likely with multiple teeth missing, and proceed on my merry way. What’s the purpose of this post, you ask? Well, if I’m referring to an Island, you’ll know what I mean.

For this, and many other reasons, I can never be President. Speaking of which, the current President should be on the Island.



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2 responses to “The Island

  1. JT

    I thought people were only supposed to make one blog entry per day???

    It’s lonely here on the island.

  2. Alexis Nectar

    I decide who belongs on the island, and you are not one of those people. As for the number of blog entries? . . . I have a lot to say and not enough time to say them!

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