Movie Review – Sarah Marshall, I will not forget

This weekend, I watched “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” a movie starring (and written by) Jason Segal. Segal reigns from How I Met Your Mother, perhaps the only good sit-com on television today.

Segal stars as Peter Bretter, a musician who composes music for his girlfriend’s crappy television show. Herein comes the spoiler. Within the first 10 minutes of the movie, one sees multiple snapshots of Jason Segal’s junk. Yes, male frontal nudity.

With that, I delve into a question many women (and men) have asked about popular culture. Why not more penis? Historically, women have been the subject to nudity in film and television. Where decades ago, female nudity would have been reserved for pornography or other “obscene” forms of entertainment, female nudity has now burst into the mainstream, entering mass-appeal genres such as the comedy and the action film. In other words, folks, boobs are everywhere. Boobies are no longer limited to your daddy’s Playboy magazines but can now be found in your kids’ Sponge Bob lunch boxes (speaking of which – what’s up with Miley Cyrus baring all???). But why not more penis? It seems, from an equity standpoint, that more penis would be warranted at this stage–simply as a natural progression of entertainment. By showing his penis on the big screen (heehee–I wrote big and penis–heehee), is Segal really attempting to equalize the portrayal of the sexes in mass media? Perhaps Segal is attempting, in a compelling and courageous manner, to eradicate the objectification of women by subjecting himself to the same inequities and humiliation that all women face?

Nah. Go watch the film. Segal just wanted to flash his goods. There ain’t no shame in his game.


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