So BFF called my attention to the story of Josef Fritzl.  Fritzl has confessed to holding his daughter captive in a cellar under his home for 24 years; fathering 7 children with his daughter; and being a complete and total lunatic.  Here’s a quick rundown of the story.  Fritzl is 73 years old and lives with his wife in what used to be a quiet town in Austria.  He began sexually abusing his daughter at the outrageous age of 11.  When his daughter turned 18, Fritzl drugged her, handcuffed her and locked her in the cellar of his home, which he had transformed into an underground dungeon.  For 24 years, Fritzl repeatedly raped his daughter in that dungeon (devoid of any windows/light) and fathered 7 children.  At one point, his daughter gave birth to twins, one of whom died.  Fritzl, of course,  decided to burn the dead infant in the equivalent of his fireplace.  How lovely.  Fritzl allowed 3 of the children to live above ground with him and his wife–he told his wife that the children were abandoned by mother/daughter.  The other three children/grandchildren lived in the dungeon with Fritzl’s daughter.

Dude.  This is f*ckin’ nasty.  Where do people like this come from?  First of all, one question many people are asking is how Fritzl’s wife never knew that her husband (til death do us part my ass) was operating the Neverland Ranch from hell underneath her feet.  I’m not saying I blame the poor woman–I’m sure news will come out that she herself was abused by Evil Fritzl, but I’m just saying that if I was living in a house for 24 years and my husband was “going to the cellar” for no reason at all every day, I would get a teensy bit suspicious.  The other question is how anyone could do the things Fritzl did.  I think the more appropriate question here is what we should do to someone like Fritzl.  I am opposed to the death penalty–of course if Fritzl was subjected to some terrible “accident,” I wouldn’t be crying over that spilled milk, but I think the better course of action would be to lock Evil Fritzl up in a 2 X 6 dungeon with no windows; to have strobe lights flash at random moments; to force feed him to keep him alive to endure the torture; to make him listen to an awful song on loop forever (the I Love You Barney song comes to mind); and maybe make him drink his own pee.  Damn.  This story is definitely a WTF?


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