Thank God it’s Friday, and Thank God I Freakin’ drove to work today!  No Metro!  Yayyyyy!  It took me about 20 minutes door to door, and I didn’t have to sanitize my hands or body from the germ-ridden depths of the moving train of incubated hell!  YAY!

What a wonderful way to start off the morning.  I have my soy latte.  I drove to work.  I have New Kids’ Greatest Hits jamming on the iPod.  I haven’t gone outside, so my allergies are in check.  And VL is coming into town tonight, so life is fabulous!

Speaking of New Kids.  There are only 14 more days until they perform on the Today Show.  I am incredibly excited to see my Jonathan get on stage and, after 20 years, finally overcome his anxiety.  For years, I have clung to the few solo shots of his talent (Happy Birthday and Step Five “Don’t you know that the time is riiiggghhhtt!”  Ugh!).  I believe the world will now be exposed to all that is Jonathan.  I have waited with bated breath for the stores to stock their shelves with Jonathan paraphernalia.  To date, I have yet to see any lunch boxes, pins, pillow cases, or mugs.  My mantle has been cleared for the day they make a bobblehead Jonathan.  I will put Jon on my mantle, turn on Happy Birthday, and he will bob with me to the song.  Sigh.  Dreams can come true!


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