Restaurant Advertising

I’m no expert, but somehow I think the name of a restaurant can be a make-it-or-break-it factor in the ultimate success or failure of a new culinary venture.  Take the restaurant across the street from my hotel.  It’s called LA Pizza and boasts “real L.A. pizza!”  Umm . . . I lived in LA.  Unless you’re going to CPK to partake of pizza that isn’t really pizza, LA pizza kind of sucks.  It’s usually soggy, overly cheesy, and just kind of chewy.  Although normally I would jump at the chance of eating pizza on a business trip (because you can eat any damn thing you want on a business trip), I avoided this pizza joint solely because of the name.  What other restaurant names would be similar to LA Pizza?

Bobby Joe’s Gourmet Chinese, Wisconsin Lobster Emporium, Mama Ming’s Italian Palace, Bombay’s Best Burgers . . .


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  1. jt

    How about Pizzeria Uno? Giordano’s? Lou Malnati’s?
    A month and a half left… yay!

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