ESPN can make me cry

Check out this video.  Sara Tucholsky, a softball player for Western Oregon University, was never a power hitter.  On a fateful day, Tucholsky hit a pitch on its sweet spot, sending it over the fences.  Elated by the first homerun of her career, Tucholsky missed first base.  As she turned to correct her mistake, Tucholsky felt a pop and crashed to the ground.  The rest, you have to see the video, and take out your tissues, because this video reveals that female athletes rock!

I remember when I popped my ACL.  The moment was not quite as touching as the story of Sara Tucholsky.  Instead of being carried by opposing players or even teammates, my teammates were scared shitless of the chick on the ground screaming obscenities of every kind and proclaiming that death would be a better option than the pain that befell the soon-to-be volleyball-sized knee that would continue to be a pain in the ass even until today.  But I’m not bitter.


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