News to Amuse – If I had 18 kids . . .

The Duggar family is at it again.  Apparently not satisfied with 17 children, Mrs. Duggar is now pregnant with number 18.  Inside sources reveal that the Duggar parents were taught, beginning at a very young age, that procreation is the entire purpose of life.  For the last two decades, Mr. Duggar has been seen with a perpetual smile on his face.  Mr. Duggar’s high school classmates proclaim, “Jim Bob (Duggar) has been strutting his sh*t ever since he got married.  My wife won’t even touch me.  Something about my big gut and smelly pits.  I would love to be in the church of Jim Bob Duggar.”  Mrs. Duggar, on the other hand, has spent the last 20 years walking around like the morning after a prom night to regret.

Imagine being pregnant for 162 months.  This woman has been pregnant for nearly 14 years.  I know people always talk about how pregnancy makes you glow and makes you feel like a woman–But seriously.  Her back must be shot to hell.  Between carting around a turkey in your belly and treating your husband like he’s a regular at the Pussycat Motel, this chick must REALLY feel like a woman.

Disclaimer:  the usual . . .

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