Song of the Week: Pop is back!

This week’s song is a much anticipated single from my first love:  Jonathan Knight and the New Kids on the Block (lyrics courtesy of New Kids Destiny Blog).

Jones Beach 1988. Come on!

Do you remember,
Or should I rewind,
To that summer when you caught my eye,
I played it cool,
The weather was hot,
You had the beauty and the beach on lock.

With your flip flops, half shirt, short shorts, mini skirt,
Walkin’ on the beach, so pretty,
You wasn’t lookin’ for a man,
When you saw me in the sand,
But you fell for the boy from the city.

I was like, “hey, girl, can I get your number”
I remember what you told me too,
“Don’t call after ten”
But you know that I did,
‘Cause I couldn’t stop thinkin’ ’bout you.

I think about you in the summertime, (Oh oh)
And all the good times we had, baby,
Been a few years and I can’t deny, (Oh oh)
The thought of you still makes me crazy,
I think about you in the summertime, (Oh oh)
I’m sittin’ here in the sun with you on my mind.
You’re my, my summertime.

Do you remember,
I’ll never forget,
Touchin’ your body all soakin’ wet,
The water was cool,
The feelin’ was hot,
Kissin’ on you while the ocean rocked.

In your strapless sundress,
Kickin’ back, no stress,
As long as we was together,
‘Cause we were feelin’ young love,
And we couldn’t get enough.
Baby, I could reminisce forever.


Spoken: Break it down.

Summer ended,
Winter started,
It got colder,
When we parted ways,
(Spoken: I like this part.)
As the seasons change.
(Spoken: Bring it forward, bring it back)
Winter melted,
Spring I felt it,
Summertime will never be the same,
(Without you. My summertime.)
My summertime.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, oh yeah.

I must begin the task of memorizing all of these lyrics so I can sing along tomorrow when they perform on the Today show stage.  I will reach out to Jon (on my 52 inch television) and scream and cry.  I wonder if they will do a medley tomorrow?  A little Summertime, a little Step by Step, a little Happy Birthday?  Please oh please.  If there is a God, Jon will say, “To that girl out there, and you know who you are, your letters did not freak me out, and I would love to go steady with you!”



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2 responses to “Song of the Week: Pop is back!

  1. Matt

    How can you have short shorts and a mini skirt on? Seems uncomfortable.

  2. Alexis Nectar

    Don’t hate. Appreciate.

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