Why California kicks some serious ass

Although some analysts believe that voters will undo the effect of this ruling, the California Supreme Court ruled today that the state’s ban on same-sex marriage violates the Constitution. Can I get a “duh” please?

I give two thumbs up to the 4 justices who issued this monumental ruling in the 4-3 decision. The ruling went up to the California Supreme Court from Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer, who ruled that the ban on same-sex marriage violated the “basic right to marry a person of one’s choice.” Approximately 50 years ago, when states banned interracial marriage, the California Supreme Court was the first to declare that ban unconstitutional. At the time, no doubt hundreds of thousands of Americans found such a ruling abhorrent and immoral; and the same will probably hold true for this ruling. Different people have different views on marriage. For some, it’s religious; for some, it’s spiritual; and for some, it’s to get a tax break (I kid, I kid). Whatever the reason, the mere fact that someone else’s marriage may be antithetical to what you believe marriage to encompass does not mean that the government should deprive one couple of rights that it affords to others.

And come on. Dumb and dumber can head to Vegas and get hitched by Elvis and create 10 crack-head children. Are you going to legislate that too?


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