News to Amuse – Hello Kitty!

Meet Japan’s New Minister of Tourism: Yesterday, Japan’s Tourism Ministry named “Hello Kitty” as the country’s new Minister of Tourism for China and Hong Kong. The happy couple at the coronation ceremony:

Children in Hong Kong and China are apparently thrilled with the idea. In a recent poll, 45% of children between the ages of 4-12 in Hong Kong and China believed that everyone in Japan looked either like Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Kuromi, or Charmmy Kitty. A source from the Japanese Ministry of the Interior reports that Ms. Kitty beat out her opponents by capitalizing on this misconception and running on a platform calling for everyone in Japan to dress like ridiculous looking cartoon characters who have no mouths. Although Ms. Kitty herself could not be reached for comment, Ms. Kuromi revealed that turmoil has plagued the Sanrio community for years; indeed, many remember when little Kuromi’s mother attempted to poison Ms. Kitty at a recent pageant of the absurd. She failed, and little Kuromi finished second.


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