He Was Robbed!

The Chosen One was robbed of the title last night. Despite receiving unanimous praise from the judges, the Chosen One came out with 44% of the vote, compared to Cook’s 56% (side note, don’t you hate it when people write 44% percent? The “%” means percent, you jerk). I don’t understand. I mean, I dialed multiple times and received a busy tone, which only tells me that the Chosen One was robbed of the title. Which made me remember one of the funniest YouTube videos I have ever seen:

This is a Japanese exercise/language video in which the viewer is encouraged to engage in some light aerobic exercise, while learning simple English phrases which, presumably, are useful for travel situations.  After vacationing in Japan, I understand this video.  There is no crime in Japan.  Like zero as in you can leave your bling in a bathroom and someone will drop it off at Lost & Found.  I mean, if I came from a country with zero crime, I’d probably want to learn this phrase too.


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