The Greatest Movie of All Time

We are nearing the 21st anniversary of the opening of the greatest movie of all time. This iconic film ignited the country into a dance frenzy and caused millions of people to engage in grinding . . . long before R. Kelly saw nothing wrong with a little bump and grind. Millions of teenagers and preteens all over the world, with grandiose dreams of the future, wanted to cast their square plans aside to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Yes folks–in 1987, I wanted to be Frances “Baby” Houseman. I wanted to run into Johnny Castle, carry a watermelon, and wear a white shirt in a lake while learning the lift. I wanted to dance on a log, spin my foot around, and say, “Whoooo!” when Johnny nearly falls. And most of all, I yearned for Johnny to come to me and say, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” For years, I forced my family to refer to me as “Baby” and relegated myself to the corner seat of every restaurant, often sitting alone and staring at the entrance in joyful anticipation. I tossed my hair from side to side and dirty danced with my 8 year-old image in the mirror. I went to the steps at Lake Elizabeth and danced up and down, perfecting the sexy back-bend move Baby did so well, while avoiding the ducks and geese who were prying me for food. I successfully pushed for our Senior Ball theme to be “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.” Therefore, in anticipation of August 21, 2008, please join me in celebrating the greatest film of all time and the greatest scene of all time.


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