Congratulations Kerri Walsh!

Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor have done it again!  The duo capped off another perfect run at the Olympics, handedly defeating the host country in the gold medal match, 2-0.  Allow me to have an Al Bundy moment.  In my sophomore year of high school, our Varsity Volleyball team pulled off the incredible feat of making regionals.  After nearly a perfect season (I don’t want to talk about the “nearly” portion of that statement), we were headed to regionals to take on other volleyball powerhouses in Northern California.  Vegas odd makers believed that we would be taking on Mitty, which at the time featured a lanky phenom named Kerri Walsh.  We were completely psyched up, ready to take on Kerri and whatever she could unleash upon us.  We made obscene jokes to degrade our potential Mitty opponent.  We didn’t care that every major college wanted to recruit Kerri Walsh.  People had counted us out before, mostly because we were vertically challenged, but we didn’t care.  Bring it on, bitches.  That’s what we thought.  Thank god we never saw pictures of Kerri in action:

Dayum.  That girl is a beast!  Anyways, we never got to play Mitty.  We ended up playing another team and getting our asses whooped.  My selective memory tells me that we were cheated.

In any event, congrats Kerri and Misty!  You’ve made us proud.  Hopefully, I’ll see you guys cruising around the South Bay in October for my New Kids tour!!!

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