Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Today is the 21st anniversary of the greatest film of all time.  21 years ago, theaters all over the country were blessed with the presence of Johnny Castle and Frances Baby Houseman.  The duo dirty-danced their way into our hearts, redefined the romance movie genre, and made us all want to go to Kellerman’s for the summer.

Perhaps one of the greatest scenes from the film, other than the iconic ending dance sequence, is the scene in which Baby goes to Johnny’s room and seduces him through the art of grinding.  After personally watching this scene dozens of times, I have come to the conclusion that this is one of the sexiest scenes in the history of movies–and the two do not even kiss until the very end, leaving audiences to imagine the aftermath of this intense dance.

I stress, yet again, that I was quite young and impressionable when watching this film.  In elementary school, I remember befriending another boy in school.  I don’t remember his name, but I do recall calling him Johnny.  Those were the days.  Johnny and I would spend our lunches perfecting this dance, taking breaks to eat tater tots and nachos.  Next to the monkey bars and stepping over tanbark, I would raise my arms like Baby and Johnny would . . . Well, we never got to that part.  I think I was suspended for illicit behavior.  Stupid teachers didn’t understand.  Johnny!  Come back to me!


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