McGosling Wedding News!!!

Ok. Well, not really wedding. But I have your attention. Here are the latest photos off the wire of Noah and Allie! I realize that, in most circumstances, I would not care about pictures of a couple eating lunch, or a couple walking, or a couple laughing together. But this is Noah and Allie–they hold a special place in my heart. And damn it, I care. They could be engaging in the most benign of activities, such as picking up doggie poop, and it would make my day!

Allie: Noah, I love the scruff. It’s hawt!

Noah: Hey Allie, let’s go back to the house I built you. We can, wink wink, you know.

Allie: Tee hee. Oh Noah!

Noah: I got another letter from that girl named Alexis Nectar. She’s freaking me out. What the hell kind of name is Alexis Nectar, anyways?


Um . . . I hope Perez doesn’t get a hold of this picture!

Allie: Hurry up and finish this so we can go back to the white house with blue shutters!

Alas, my week is complete. Thanks to Daily Mish Mash for the heads up and Pop Sugar for the pics!



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3 responses to “McGosling Wedding News!!!

  1. Jen

    Love it! I will never get tired of looking at these pictures, but I do draw the line at dog poop. Ew!

  2. those people’s names aren’t even Noah or Allie, stalker.

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