A Welcome Blast From the Past

As expected, Bill Clinton and Al Gore gave fantastic speeches at the DNC.  Hearing them speak made me reflect upon happier times.

Contrast the above speeches–speeches that inexplicably generate feelings of hope and prosperity–with that of Dubya, who I refuse to recognize as our current President, since the election was decided not by the people but by the idiots who formed the “majority” in Bush v. Gore.

I mean, seriously.  If I called Dubya a moron, he’d probably think he was getting some kind of award.  I will be eternally amazed at how the Republican party was able to leverage Dubya’s stupidity into a beneficial qualification for the presidency.  Why would anyone want an average Joe to act as the leader of this country (or the world)?  Seriously, if you were sick, would you seek help from the local drunk?  If you needed someone to do your taxes, would you head to the state prison and find a parolee destined for release on April 1?



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2 responses to “A Welcome Blast From the Past

  1. jim

    your not a liberal feminst are you?

  2. Alexis Nectar

    Well, that’s a loaded question! What do you mean? I shave my legs and I don’t like hugging trees because they’re dirty. But if you are asking if I support progressive politics and equality for all human beings, then yes. I am a proud liberal feminist!

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