An Exciting Rumor

Lance Bass of NSYNC has spoken out about the possibility of a reunion.  First, the New Kids got back together and made my fourth grade dreams come true.  Now, NSYNC and all their gyrating goodness may return to make my college dreams come true.  I still remember when they swept into my life.  I was a naive freshman in college, fresh from the safety net of high school and poised to embark on the journey that would become my life.  However, that journey was thwarted by the entry of a new obsession.  When I first watched NSYNC ‘N the Mix, I knew that my life would change.  That my schedule would have to be redirected to ensure that I could witness every live event; every television interview; every hosting appearance.  I watched JT’s hair morph from curly blonde threads to naturally short to ‘fro and to shaven.  I learned each dance, pumping my fists to Bye Bye Bye and throwing my arms out to I Just Wanna Be With You.

Query on life–can I handle two boy band obsessions at once?!!?


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