It’s 9/11 — Let’s Focus on the Real Issues Please

I’ve had it with the spin machine.  I’m sick of all the analysis about “lipstick on a pig.”  Let’s examine some basic truths:

The economy (financial institutions, housing, employment growth) is total shit.

Over 4100 American soldiers have died in Iraq.

Approximately 90,000 have perished due to the invasion of Iraq.

The fundamental basis for invading Iraq was an intentional farce.

A domestic arms race continues to brew in urban America.

The Supreme Court is on the brink of eliminating a woman’s right to choose.

Our health care system is in the toilet.

American schools continue to plummet in quality.

The continued abuse of the environment has finally manifested in very visible and frightening ways.

On this important day in US history, I simply ask all the gatekeepers of information to remember that now is not the time to spend hours hashing over insignificant remarks.  Now is the time to delve deep into the issues–to articulate the precise means by which one can alter the current landscape of the US and the world.

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