Kelly’s Baby Daddy

Last night, one of the most profound questions of the past few weeks was answered.  Who the hell is Kelly’s baby daddy?  I present to you the Baby, whose name is Sammy (picture courtesy of the CW):

So obviously, stop reading if you don’t want the spoiler.  But after a couple weeks of vague references to Sammy’s daddy, Brenda (aka Brinda) Walsh revealed the baby daddy as . . . DYLAN!

Can someone cue the record scratch please?  Because last I checked, Dylan looked like this:

And Kelly looks like this:

So how the hell do these two create a curly-haired blonde boy?  It was a while ago, but I recall learning about dominant/recessive genes in biology.  Kelly has blonde and straight locks.  Dylan is a natural brunette, hair also straight.  Dark hair and curly hair are both dominant traits.  Thus, in order for Sammy to be blonde, Dylan must carry a blonde recessive gene.  And in order for Sammy to have curly hair, either Kelly or Dylan must be carrying a dominant curly gene . . . but wait!  That would not be possible given the current ruler-straight status of Dylan and Kelly’s locks!

My verdict then:  Kelly and/or Dylan use a straightening iron every morning or . . .

The kid is not Dylan’s.  It’s STEVE’s!  Thoughts???


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