I Can’t Make This Up — Palin is a Complete Moron

Below is a clip from the interview Katie Couric conducted with Governor Palin.  I kid you not, I could not make this up:

“I’ll try to find ya some and I’ll bring them to ya.”

My head is about to burst with commentary.  I don’t even know where to begin.  What a salesperson for Johnny Mac.  I mean, imagine this woman trying to sell you a lemon.  She’ll tell you that this lemon is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  “This is a fantastic car!  It will be great for you!  Yay car!”  And if I then ask her what features of that car make it so great, she’ll respond with, “This is a fantastic car!  It will be great for you!  Yay car!”  If I push the issue, then, I suppose she’ll just say, “Why don’t you buy this car first, and then I’ll let ya know?”

Um . . . yeah, thanks, but no thanks.

This woman is an idiot.  For all the folks out there crying and moaning about how the liberal left is being sexist in attacking Palin:  listen up.  I attack Palin because she’s easy.  Not easy as in a whore (although the National Enquirer seems to think so), but easy as in so very easy to attack because she is so stupid.  I do not want her potentially leading this country, because I don’t want stupid people leading the country.  If that makes me elitist, then you must also be stupid.  I’m sure she’s a barrel of laughs at the shooting range.  I’m sure she can pound down tequila shots with the best of them.  That doesn’t mean that she’s equally qualified to command missiles or to direct such missiles to face certain parts of the world that will lead us into WWIII.  I’ve read about WWI and WWII (I wonder if Palin has . . .).  I personally would like to avoid WWIII.

The Palin pick has confirmed that Johnny Mac is completely out of his mind.  I mean, it’s obvious that the “Maverick” didn’t even bother to vet Palin.  I cannot imagine a country being led by someone who is out of his mind and about to die; with the second in command being a total and complete moron.  I hope Johnny Mac steps up to the plate tomorrow.  Although if he shows up, I’m sure that his pathetic performance will be blamed on the fact that he was “preoccupied with the economic situation.”  Pussy.


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6 responses to “I Can’t Make This Up — Palin is a Complete Moron

  1. Reverend Manny

    “I do not want her potentially leading this country, because I don’t want stupid people leading the country. If that makes me elitist, then you must also be stupid.” that’s my favorite part…

    if you simply point out the things she said in this tape, people will call you a sexist? huh? wtf?,… what is up with America when we can’t even call the “morons” what they are: “morons”…

    For at least 25 years now its been Politics before Policy and talking points before facts.

    She had her talking points all memorized… but wtf happened to facts?

    You get a Triple-Amen from me brother. Especially about the “tequila shots” thing. Remember the last time we picked an ignorant small-time governor we thought we could have a beer with? How did that work out? How’s the price for heating your home this winter? How’s tuition? How’s rent? How’s the price of gas? how’s our standing in the international sphere?

    If she wins, then we have officially become Roman.

    One Love, One Hope,
    –Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

  2. dayooch

    OMG, thats hilarious. Why can’t she answer a question? No wonder why the McCain camp is keeping a tight leash on her.

  3. Anonymous

    If the majority of Americans cannot see through Palin’s bumbling attempts to hide her complete ignorance of important political issues, the United States deserves having a moron for a VP and every consequence that flows from that. Morons electing morons.

  4. Reverend Manny

    I gotta agree with Anonymous here. Sure Bush stole the last two elections, but if this one is even close… I think it says something frightening about our national character.

    One Love,
    –Reverend Manny

  5. If such a catastrophe occurs, I imagine that Canada’s immigration website will again crash due to immense interest from Americans seeking asylum.

    And FYI, I looked into it after 2004, and it’s not as easy as you would hope. Apparently, they don’t consider disgruntled progressives as meriting asylum status.

  6. revmanny

    um yeah.. to be honest, i’ve already started looking at working papers for British Columbia….

    Here’s why…

    I used to work as a teacher. The average teacher makes lets say 37,000 a year. Of those about 16 are taken out, of which about 8 go to the federal government. Military spending is about a quarter of our federal budget. Hence, for every 37,000 dollars I make each year, the government gets 2,000 dollars for its military spending.

    And frankly, I’m sick of them doing this retarded shit with our money. I don’t wanna contribute to the “big pot” if this idiotic nonsense is what we spend it on.

    Til then… here’s hoping.

    One Love, One Hope,
    –Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

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