Palin is a Complete Moron: Part II

Ok, so Sarah Palin might not have foreign policy experience (and does not even know what economic experience Johnny Mac has), but hey, she’s a governor, so she must be intelligent when it comes to economic issues, right?

Let’s assess Palin’s talking points on the economy.  Palin asserts that spending $700 billion on bailing out the financial institutions is more prudent than spending the $700 billion directly on American taxpayers because:

1.  It’s all about job creation.

2.  It’s about “shoring up our economy.”

3.  Trade is about opportunity and is not a competitive, scary thing.

4.  And my personal favorite:  reducing taxes has got to accompany tax reductions.

Well, add this to Palin’s other talking points, and she’s actually doubled up!  In just over a week, Palin has added the above 4 points to her previous repertoire of knowledge in which she proclaimed:

1.  I do not blink.

2.  I will defend America against those who are hell-bent on destroying America and its allies.

3.  I am a Washington outsider.

4.  John McCain is a Maverick.

Wow.  I’m so happy that this woman could become the leader of the free world.  Boy, I’m happy that I’m so stupid that it is entirely irrelevant to me that Palin was completely unable to articulate why the bailout will create jobs, or why the bailout is related to trade not being a “scary” thing.  I am a little confused, though, on why reducing taxes has got to accompany tax reductions.  Does that mean you’re going to reduce my taxes twice?  Praise the Lord!  My savior has come to rise my bank account from the depths of Satan’s grasp and into the heavens above.  Tell it to me Palin!  Save me from Obama, for I have now learned that he is a Muslim who is hell-bent on destroying Mother America and its allies!

Umm . . . yeah.  This bitch can’t even balance my checkbook.  Which, thanks to Dubya, has now gone down the shitter since my bank just collapsed.  I mean, Katie Couric, America’s sweetheart of morning “news,” thinks Palin is a moron.  All due respect to Couric, but just a few years ago, Couric spent her days reporting on how to best make an omelette and dry clean your clothes at home.  Now Couric is one-upping the GOP’s candidate for VP.  I think my niece knows more about the economy than Palin.  She’s a badass with identifying Leapfrog numbers on the refrigerator.

Palin-logic may apply to one of my goals in life:  Reducing stupidity has got to accompany stupidity reduction.  Governor Palin:  how does this apply to you?

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