Palin is a Complete Moron: Part III

I’d like to say that this is the final installment of my series on the imbecile named Sarah Palin, but I’m sure that her stupidity will provide fodder for my blog for weeks to come.  In this installment, we reexamine Palin’s claim that the proximity of Russia to Alaska strengthens her foreign policy experience.

Here is why Palin believes that the geographic position of Russia enhances her foreign policy credentials (along with other juicy tidbits).

1.  Alaska has a very narrow maritime border “between” Russia and “between” Canada.

You’re an idiot.  You don’t share a border “between” a neighboring country.  You share a border with a neighboring country.  So under that logic, the potential foreign policy credentials of someone in Australia would be pretty limited.  I mean, I guess Papua New Guinea is kind of close . . .

My hubby sees the Department of Treasury outside his window.  Does that mean his economic policy credentials are enhanced?  Well, compared to Palin, I guess so!

And last I checked, Michigan is a rock’s skip away from Canada, both by land and by water.  You could row a blow-up boat across that canal.  So for all you Wolverines out there–you too can be VP!

2.  It’s funny that this comment was kind of made to cari-I don’t know.

Bitch needed Katie Couric to provide her with the word, “mock.”  ‘Nuff said.

3.  There are trade missions back and forth.

What trade “missions?”  Missions as in trading moose meat?  Were you involved?  Bitch please.  You’ve never even been to Russia.

4.  Putin will rear his head and come into the US airspace, and Alaska is right there.

Wow.  So, proximity to a country exhibiting a proclivity toward aggression thereby makes you more qualified to set foreign policy.  Holy shit.  We should totally move the White House to Alaska.  I mean, don’t we want to best enhance our position on foreign policy with Russia?

Next thing you know, Palin will start spewing one-liners about how the US needs to take out Russia because those damn Russians are witches.  Witches I say!!!


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