Daddy Issues

Governor Palin appeared yesterday in yet another interview with Katie Couric, attempting to explain her utter stupidity.  This time, she did not appear alone.  Chaperoned by Daddy Mac, Palin explained her response to a Tulane University student in Philadelphia — a response that was in line with the views of Senator Obama and criticized by Daddy Mac.  Wait, my bad.  Daddy Mac did the explaining, Palin just sat there pissing herself with her golden shower of stupidity.

So Palin’s stupidity was originally blamed on “sexism.”  Now the blame has been directed toward “Gotcha Journalism.”  I’m sure that Tulane student must be thinking, “Hot damn!  I’m a journalist?  WTF am I doing in school then?”

First of all, what the hell was Daddy Mac doing there anyways?  Poor little Palin can’t handle such an interview herself?  Does Daddy Mac need to feed her responses like an auditory teleprompter and follow with a “I’ll let her speak for herself” statement so that Palin can mimic like the pathetic mockingbird she is?

Second, “Gotcha Journalism?”  It’s a “Gotcha” question to ask Palin to explain the $700 billion bailout?  Is it an “I’m gonna get you” question to ask why Alaska’s proximity to Russia makes her qualified to handle foreign policy issues?  It’s unfair liberal “Gotcha” bias to ask her for examples of how Daddy Mac has supported economic regulation?

So, just to be fair to everyone who thinks that people are being too harsh on Governor Palin, here are my suggested questions to Gwen Ifil for Thursday’s debate:

1.  What is your name?

2.  Can you spell your name?

3.  How do you spell your name?

4.  Before you is a globe (yes, Governor Palin, the world is round).  Please take this pin and stick it in Alaska.

5.  Please take another pin and stick it in Russia.

6.  Please take another pin and stick it in the maritime border between Russia and Alaska.

7.  Is John McCain a Maverick or a Martyr?

8.  If you had to choose between an umbrella of job growth or an umbrella of unemployment, which would you choose?

9.  Are you a Washington outsider or insider?

10.  Please take a pin and identify where Washington, D.C. is on the globe.

11.  Are you ready or not ready to be Vice President of the United States?

12.  How do you load a double-barreled shotgun?

13.  Governor Palin, this might be an unfair question, but could you please spell “nuclear?”  And just one follow up question, what word did I ask you to spell?


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