Johnny Mac Talks Pork and Goodies

Last night’s debate was quite entertaining.  Obama did a fine job, limiting the use of “uhs” which have been a source of ridicule for the Democratic nominee.  As for Johnny Mac, however, I have to say that my favorite part of his performance was when he talked about goodies and pork.  Goodies and pork.  I have to say — those are two words that only dirty old men say.  Johnny Mac is a dirty old man!  I wonder if he will turn this into a song, e.g. Ciara’s Goodies.  Johnny Mac could talk about his goodies and his pork.  Here’s the Ciara version:

I bet you want the goodies
Bet you thought about it
Got you all hot and bothered
Maybe cause I talk about it
If you’re lookin’ for the goodies
Keep on lookin’, cause they stay in the jar
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, yeah

Johnny Mac, here’s your self-deluded version:

Obama wants my goodies
Bet he’s thought about it
Obama’s hot and bothered
Maybe cause I talk about it
If you want to pork my goodies
Keep self-porkin’ cause I can’t get it up
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, yeah

And can we talk about McCain referring to Obama as “that one?”  It took him the strength of all his goodies to be able to look Obama in the eye, but apparently there just weren’t enough goodies to restrain himself from disrespecting Obama. 

Johnny Mac.  Keep your pork and goodies to yourself.  I’d go vegetarian before consuming your goodies.


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One response to “Johnny Mac Talks Pork and Goodies

  1. The reason he cannot look at Obama is because McCain is a latent racist, and he doesn’t have enough respect for a FELLOW SENATOR to now commit a Macaca Moment of the campaign, like this dude shows:

    Then again, McCain is that type of guy … done it before, and will, WILL do it again.

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