Jonathan Knight is an Obama Supporter

I saw my first love and rewrote 4th grade history during the past week.  Having been denied the excitement of the New Kids on the Block during my years as a young and impressionable elementary school girl, I jumped at the opportunity to permanently rewrite history when the New Kids embarked on their reunion tour.  During the concerts (yes, I went to more than one), I snapped multiple pictures of my favorite New Kid, Jonathan Knight.  During my childhood, I was a bit of an oddball in desiring to be Jon’s “Cover Girl” and I felt that I would be loving Jon forever.  To add to my love for Jon, take a look at this pic I snapped:

That skanky beyotch next to him is Lady Gaga.  Take a look at Jon’s shirt though.  I have to say, I heart him even more.  I realize that he’s gay.  I realize that he had crippling anxiety disorder and probably still does.  I realize that it’s possible his microphone has never been turned on.  I do not care.  Jon, if you can hear me.  I heart Obama.  You heart Obama.  Therefore you heart me?  Be still my heart.


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2 responses to “Jonathan Knight is an Obama Supporter

  1. Chicana

    That’s awesome. I love Jordan…I wonder if he leans to the left politically like his brother. I wanna know!!! I hope would only make me love him more! HEHE 🙂

  2. Jordan is also an Obama supporter!

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