Palin is a Complete Moron (and Potential Dictator): Part VIII

I’m sure everyone is well-apprised of the Troopergate report, which details the bipartisan investigation that led to a finding that Governor Palin abused her power in the firing of Walt Monegan.

Seriously though, is anyone surprised?  We’re talking about a woman who proclaims, as a sign of strength and aptitude, that she does “not blink” when it comes to issues of national importance.  Contemplative thought is not exactly high on Palin’s list of enviable characteristics for leadership.

Nor does Palin appreciate intelligence, as she equates a demonstrated history of intelligence with being part of a “liberal elite.”  Apparently, winning Miss Congeniality with a fierce performance of the flute makes you more apt to be second-in-command of the free world.  But ponder this:  Not only is Palin lacking in intellect (the understatement of the year), but she also proudly shoots from the hip in making critical decisions.  You wouldn’t let a crack whore decide where you should go for take-out.  Why let an intellectually vapid bimbo decide who to nominate to the Supreme Court?

I’m just saying . . .


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