Frightening Video of GOP Supporters

Ok, so I encountered this video yesterday and felt compelled to post it:

The people speaking in this video are downright scary.  They also don’t appear to be that bright.  While standing in line to attend a political rally, many of them screamed at Obama supporters, telling them to “Get a Job!”  Um . . . last I checked, if you’re in line at a political rally, I would venture to guess that you, too, are not at a job.  There’s also the idiot who believes that ACORN and Obama caused the financial disaster.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not against conservatives.  I totally respect people who believe that government should play a limited role and that capitalism should be permitted to run wild (with the corresponding belief that the economy will always correct itself without intervention).  I get that.  But these people in the video are not conservatives.  They are looney tunes.  They are a disgrace to the Republican party and the ideals that it supposedly stands for.

And another related point — apparently millions of people in America are under the mistaken assumption that Obama is a Muslim.  First of all, so what?  Have American ideals of civil liberties and freedom of religion so eroded that Muslims cannot be in positions of leadership?  Last I checked, the overwhelming majority of Muslims in this world are peaceful individuals who equally detest the extremists who have blasphemized an otherwise peaceful religion.  So, even if Obama were Muslim, I’m cool with that.  In no way should that be a dealbreaker.  If it was a dealbreaker, then apparently Britney Spears is more qualified to be President than Obama.  If you think that, I can’t help you.

And second of all, he’s not a Muslim.  Dude grew up in a Christian household.  His name may not be as easy to pronounce as George Bush, but in my opinion, any difference from Dubya is a good difference.  Seriously, if Obama’s answer to boxers or briefs was different than Dubya’s answers, that’s another point in the Obama camp.


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