Prop 8 and Legislating Away Civil Rights

Y’all know where I stand.  Vote no on Prop 8.  I mean, seriously.  At a very basic level, how does gay marriage hurt you?  Does it make your legitimate Christian marriage any less legitimate?  Vote no.  Or the gays will haunt you in your dreams.  Seriously.  If you don’t believe me, here are a couple of awesome comics you should believe, and another PSA for good measure:

Crack whores can marry their johns, but no one would dream of legislating this right away, despite the “undesirable” consequences.  Why is it okay to legislate away the rights and civil liberties of homosexual couples who rightfully seek the exact same rights of heterosexual couples?  You may not agree with it.  You may believe that God does not recognize homosexual unions.  That’s fine.  That’s your right in a free society to hold such beliefs.  But our society separates church from state for a reason.  The Constitutional codification of the stripping of civil liberties would be akin to amending the US Constitution to preclude equality for African-Americans.  This was rejected during the Civil Rights movement, and to this day, we are still fighting for equality.  So folks, vote no on Prop 8.  And seriously, a no vote does not mean that kids will be molested.  Or that they’ll teach children how use dildos and vibrators in school.  At least not in grade school.  College is a different matter entirely, but Prop 8 can’t help you with that one.

If you vote yes, I’m going to send all my gay friends to your house to picket.  And they’re loud and obnoxious.  So vote no.  Otherwise, you’ll have a sea of gays on your lawn.  And they’re contagious!  Protect your children!



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4 responses to “Prop 8 and Legislating Away Civil Rights

  1. Paul

    By taking a quick glance across the animal kingdom, it may be surprising to some to note that several species live in monogamous relationships. This phenomenon is observed in both the greater and lesser species. Surely there must be some benefit to living such a monogamous lifestyle or it would not exist. Such monogamous relationships, or marriages if you will, seem to naturally exist as if some underlying advantage could result. Evolutionary biology provides an answer to the quandary. The goal of every species is survival. The key to survival is passing on your “genes.” In order to accomplish this, a species must maximize its reproduction and maximize their offspring’s survival. Turns out, for some species the best way to accomplish this is by the father sticking around and helping the mother. Each gender of the species provides essentials of survival and thus a marriage is formed. Thus marriage can yield an evolutionary advantage. So, biologically speaking, much prior to governments issuing licenses, marriages existed to bear children and assure that genes proliferated. This type of marriage could only exist between a man and a woman. As languages evolved, English was born. The word marriage was used to define such relationships between one man and one woman. Surely, other relationships exist, many of which are full of love, but these would not be called marriage. Marriage has always described the coming together of a man and a woman to unite in love and initiate the bearing of children. Marriage is the gateway of the family. Biologically speaking, there is only one way to create offspring – this requires both a MALE and a FEMALE gamete. The implications of marriage go far beyond love. Defining marriage isn’t a task to be left to social experts, political activists or judges – The definition has been provided by nature itself and dates back to the beginning of life.

  2. Proposition 8 is more than same sex marriage its about protecting our sons and daughters from growing up in a world that teaches that being gay or lesbian is just as normal as being straight. I don’t want my sons and daughters being taught as young as five years old in school that it is okay to marry someone of their same sex. It is about the principle of religion. And protecting what God has set up as the correct way to replenish the earth. It is marriage between a Man and a Woman. God set Adam and Eve on earth to have their posterity fill the whole earth. It goes contrary to the laws set up by God himself. I have nothing against gay or lesbian individuals. I believe they can live their life how they please. I am against the teachings that go against the teachings of God. And we must fight to protect God’s holy ordinance of Marriage between one man and one woman.

    Please go to to read more about the benefits of proposition 8.

  3. Paul — a “quick glance across the animal kingdom” will also reveal the fact that numerous other species also exhibit homosexuality. And your argument seems to hinge on the idea that animals in nature require both a father and mother, therefore marriage yields an evolutionary advantage. Last I checked, the birds and the bees don’t head to the chapel. That’s an exclusively human liberty that is enjoyed by most Americans. It’s a civil liberty which, I imagine, you would not be terribly excited about if a government were to strip you of.

    Spencer — you and Paul both appear to have an issue with the separation of church and state. Religion should not dictate the apportionment of civil liberties. “God’s holy ordinance” has no place in stripping basic rights that you enjoy from others. Under the rights afforded to all Americans, you enjoy the luxury of refuting any homosexual union. You are free to say, “God does not respect or recognize your union.” But unless you’re willing to say that the government can deny you the right to marry, your argument ultimately trounces the basic liberties provided in the Constitution.

  4. achievementgap

    To Alexis’ request to vote No on CA Prop 8, please also vote No on:

    Arizona – Prop 102
    Florida – Ammendment 2

    Oh yeah, and ditto on everything she said. Saves me the biting commentary.

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