Palin is a Complete Moron: Part IX

In Part IX of the continuing series on the stupidity that is Sarah Palin, take a look at this rally in New Hampshire:

Now, I understand a little slip.  You’ve been traveling all over the country.  You don’t know where you are.  So you need a reminder (like the way NSYNC wrote the name of the tour city on masking tape stuck to stage curtain).  But Palin did know where she was.  She was happy to be in New Hampshire.  You know, that great state in the Northwest.  I think you can see New Hampshire from Alaska, being that it’s in the Northwest and all.  Therefore, Palin understands your politics.  She understands the needs of the people in the great Northwestern state of New Hampshire.  She understands a whole lot more than she understands those damn liberal and elitist northeastern states.  Who would ever want to visit an elitist state in the northeast?  Commie bastards!  But New Hampshire.  All northwest of you!  This pit bull gets ya.  Oh ya.  She really gets ya.

And from AM:

Just a little fun to get through the work day.  MAVERICK!


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