Tina Fey on Letterman

I realize I’ve already made a plea to Tina Fey today, but what’s the harm in another plea?  Below is a clip from Letterman, where Tina talks Sarah:

Tina, if you’re reading this, I’d like to make another offer to you.  You may not need another writer for 30 Rock or any of your various other projects.  But, how about I travel around with you as a groupie?  I could pour you coffee, or get you donuts, or wipe the ketchup that fell on your shoe from my hot dog.  Just being around you would be awesome.  I mean, if Sarah Palin could obtain foreign policy experience from oceanic osmosis, I feel like my comedic prowess would certainly be enhanced via Fey Osmosis.  And seriously, it would not be at all creepy.  I don’t need to follow you into the bathroom.  I’ll just stand guard outside.  Discover me, Tina Fey!


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