Powell’s Articulate Bitch Slap of Johnny Mac and the Moron

I realize this happened eons ago (in political time), but I thought I’d finally post Colin Powell’s “Meet the Press” interview, in which General Powell basically bitch slaps McCain and his little moron too.

I’d like to briefly discuss General Powell’s remarks regarding Johnny Mac’s responses to supporters who accuse Senator Obama of being an Arab.  I share his concerns.  Since September 11, 2001, Americans have felt at liberty to attack the Muslim world, equating everything Arab/Islamic/Muslim/Middle Eastern with “terrorist.”  Civil liberties have taken a back seat to these outbursts of hate.  Not too long ago, the American government took similar steps against Japanese Americans, forcing them into internment camps — essentially imprisoning these individuals on the basis of their appearance, with absolutely no due process.  Rosa Parks was ordered to move to the back of the bus.  Today, on the bases of hate and fragmented information, the masses are uniting to kick entire groups of individuals off the bus entirely.  No one looks back at these instances in American history with pride.  Should those stains in the history of an otherwise proud nation be ignored?  Or should we learn from the atrocities committed in the past to ensure that American values are properly respected for all individuals?  General Powell discussed a photograph, which I’ve posted below.  Words need not be said.

Photo:  Platon


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