Halloween 2008 — The Perfect Day to Register Voters!

So the hubby and I have been brainstorming some ideas for Halloween costumes.  Since I am cheap and am currently obsessed with politics, I figured that we could get a couple of old T-shirts, scribble the word “ACORN” on them, walk around with a couple of clipboards, and attempt to register everyone in costume.  By the time Halloween was over, we’d both be sufficiently intoxicated and will have registered a dozen Palins, a few McCains, and probably a handful of Obamas.  Despite the politically-driven culture of DC, I figure we’d also register some Britneys, a few Jokers, and maybe a Kim Kardashian here and there.  The hubby thinks that people will mistake us for McCain/Palin supporters, and that would be embarrassing.  What do you think?  I’m totally obsessed with this costume idea but would be mortified if it would cause people to believe I support Johnny Mac and the little moron too.  Come to think of it, maybe we should just get old t-shirts and mark them with “Johnny Mac” and “Moron.”  Ahh, choices!


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