GOP Insiders Complain of the “Diva” “Going Rogue”

As reported by CNN, McCain/Palin staffers are increasingly worried about Governor Palin’s apparently intentional departures from scripted stump speeches.  Staffers have called her a “diva” — yes, these are probably the same staffers who claimed that the Obama/Biden campaign and the media were sexist in their attacks on Palin.  Staffers have also voiced concerns about Palin simply “going rogue” and pursuing her own selfish agenda, as opposed to the agenda the campaign has attempted to foist upon Governor Palin.  . . . yeah, because we all know that Palin is intelligent enough to run her own national campaign.

Speaking of “going rogue,” this season of Heroes is all about questioning preconceptions on which characters are heroes and which are villains.  This seems like as good a spot as any to post a picture, then, of Peter Petrelli, a FPOA (fine piece of ass).

Wow.  Did I just make a comparison between Peter Petrelli and Sarah Palin?  Shame on me.  Forgive me, Milo!

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