Johnny Mac is Off His Rocker

For better or worse, I live in a battleground state and am constantly bombarded with political ads.  Having lived in California for most of my life, television ads for political candidates were something that I only heard about — ads only played in those other states where the population was not overwhelmingly progressive as in California.  I take it as a double-edged sword that I am now in a position to really change the state of the nation for the next four years.  Like many Americans, I watched the Obama 30-minute closing argument last night — a closing argument that, at times, sent goose bumps traveling down my arms.  Shortly after the closing argument aired, I saw this ad from the McCain camp:

Yes.  If you watched this ad, you’ll see that McCain now thinks that Obama is not ready . . . yet.

So let’s take a short trip through history to examine the McCain camp’s tactics against Senator Obama.  First, Johnny Mac attacked Obama on his lack of foreign policy experience.  That tactic soon expanded into an attack on all of Obama’s experience.  After adding the Moron to the ticket, attacks on experience quickly fell second to attacks on Obama’s “associations” and turning a blind eye toward attacks on Obama’s alleged Islamic faith and the color of his skin.  Once the Ayers attacks (and now the Khalidi attacks) fell short of expectations, Johnny Mac returned to attacking experience, going nearly full circle in strategy.  Except for one thing — Johnny Mac is now apparently stating that Obama will be a great President — just not now?

I don’t think it takes any specialized political strategy training to say, WTF?  THAT is your strategy?  To say that your opponent, who is leading in every poll, is not ready . . . YET?

Perhaps this is Johnny Mac’s way of getting back at the Moron for going off script during stump speeches.  Since insiders are claiming that the Moron is simply setting herself up for a run at the Presidency in 2012, Johnny Mac’s temper and vindictiveness has led him to sabotage his own pathetic campaign to make sure that the Moron can’t win in 2012.  According to Johnny Mac, if Obama is not ready yet, does that mean he’ll be ready in 2012?  Well, for sure he’ll be ready since he’ll have had 4 years sitting in the Oval Office, cleaning up the diarrhea bombs Dubya dropped all over the nation.  But seriously . . . from someone who has spent the last few months spreading dirty little lies about Obama and sending out mailers implying that Obama is a terrorist, it’s come down to this?  He’s not ready . . . YET?  Johnny Mac — you’re pathetic.

And on an unrelated note, congrats to the Philadelphia Phillies for winning the World Series . . . with a special congrats to UCLA alum Chase Utley and San Diego native Cole Hamels.  Way to represent Cali!!!


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