A Part of History

Last night, I saw in America what drove my parents to travel across the world to immigrate to this amazing country.  What propelled them to leave everything they knew so their children could have more.  In America, I saw the immense opportunity, hope, and a chance for prosperity that can emanate from no other country.  I saw a country stand together, learning from the atrocities of the past, to perpetuate real change through simple, hard, work.

I’ve voted in a total of 3 presidential elections since I became a citizen of this great nation.  In the first two, I saw my candidate lose.  And in those 8 years, I’ve seen America lose its shine; lose its standing in the world; lose its hope and lose its integrity.  But in these last couple of years, I have regained that hope.  The world is crying in joy that America can once again establish its foothold as the moral compass of the world.  That America can lead the world into the next decade and beyond.

I cannot wait for January 20, 2009.  The day could not come any sooner.  Last night, during Barack’s speech, chills ran up and down my spine.  I sat in awe at his delivery.  At the hope for which he represents.  At the millions of people all over this country and this world rejoicing for this historical event.

Barack Obama.  We did it.  Yes we did.


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