Palin is a Complete Moron: Part XI

And you thought I was done with this series . . . Either the GOP has decided to throw Palin under the bus without justification or even senior Republican officials are finally recognizing the moron that is Sarah Palin.

Yes, the video above is from Fox News, the news station of evil.  Thus, Palin’s purported allies have now stated that Palin did not know the members of NAFTA — I doubt she even knew what NAFTA stood for, because if she did, she’d surely at least be able to guess what the members are.  Moron probably thought it was some division of NASA.  Palin also did not know that Africa was a continent, believing instead that Africa was a country.

Yeah Sarah.  So are South America and Europe.  Each is just one big country where people just happen to speak different languages.  Like in the U.S., where the blue states speak a variety of languages, including English, and the red states speak in tongue.

Although Obama and Biden’s victory has brought me indescribable joy (it’s still surreal to me), I am a bit disappointed that comedic fodder will now be in short supply.  Although the new administration promises to help ease the recession and concurrent loss of jobs, there will be one industry that will be harmed by an Obama administration — I’m imagining that writers on the Daily Show, the Rachel Maddow Show, Countdown etc. will soon be looking for new jobs.  Alas, these are the sacrifices we must make for the good of the nation.  I may never get to a baker’s dozen of this “Palin is a Complete Moron” series, but I’ll sure as hell try.  Because if I’ve learned anything from this campaign, it’s this:  Yes I Can.


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