Yes We Did!

The hubby and I were poll monitoring in Sterling, Virginia.  Not exactly Obama-friendly territory.  But the numbers have come in:  869 votes for Obama (53.05%) and 740 votes for McCain (45.17%)!

Frankly, I am shocked.  Standing in the cold and rain from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., it seemed like an overwhelming majority of the voters were GOP supporters.  Hell, voters surely took more GOP sample ballots than Democratic sample ballots.  The hubby and I were still happy to be there to at least have a deterrent effect on any improprieties that could have been committed against any voter at that precinct.

The reverse Bradley effect seems to have been in full force in Sterling, Virginia.  “Sure, I’ll take a GOP sample ballot . . . and then I’ll vote the complete opposite . . .”


Obama and Biden Thank Me and the Hubby

Image from

Barack and Joe – you’re welcome.  Glad to help!


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