Johnny Mac on Leno – The Twitch Seen Round the World

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As many people know, Senator McCain appeared on The Tonight Show last night. Among other things, Leno asked Johnny Mac whether the Moron was a drag on the ticket. After discussing the First Dude’s snowmobile exploits, Johnny Mac states his belief that the Moron was a great candidate. Go to about 28:00. Then watch his left eye.

Yeah. That was a twitch. A twitch seen round the world. It’s taking all of Johnny Mac’s willpower to avoid stating the obvious. Why the hell did I let them force me to run with that idiot! I was demolished in the general election because my running mate didn’t know that Africa was a continent! God damn it. I hope Caribou Barbie dresses up like a moose and runs around the open fields of Alaska while drunk hunters board several helicopters to go search for a quick kill.


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