Palin is a Complete Moron: Part XII

I’m almost at a baker’s dozen!  Oh dear Sarah . . . why must you make it so easy on me?  Check out this interview of the Moron.  Notice the two turkeys meeting their death behind the Moron, the latter of which can be seen kicking and convulsing as its head is likely chopped off in the guillotine.  Veggie turkey, anyone?

She’s “so thankful for the health and happiness” of her family.  And she will be preparing the turkey this year.  For someone who purportedly has aspirations of running for the presidency in 2012, the Moron really needs to stop drinking from the cup of stupid.  Shit, at this point, I’m convinced she actually has an ivy labeled “stupid” permanently attached to her arm.  I realize that shit like this might fly over well in Alaska, where a healthy portion of the population may raise their rifles in celebration at the public beheading of turkeys and where the popular drinking game may be taking a shot of Popov every time a moose dies a slow death after being maimed from a helicopter, but hell, I don’t know how this passes over in the rest of America.  Here in the mainland, we live blissfully in ignorance of the manner in which our annual turkey ends up on our plate.  Thanks for reminding us of the horrible death that befell the turkey leg on my plate.  I think I’m going to go heavy on the mashed potatoes this year.

Perhaps she’s just sending a message to Putin.  Hey Vladimir!  You see this turkey!  This is what Imma do to you if you enter our airspace!  So take that you little Russian bitch.  And when I’m done shoving your head in this guillotine, Imma drink yo vodka too!

That Sarah Palin.  Who wouldn’t want her in charge of our nukes?

Update:  You have to love the irony of the reporter asking about the “chopping block” at the same time as blood-splattered farmer shoves turkey No. 2 into the guillotine.

Update:  Further enjoy the fact that turkey No. 2 is convulsing while Palin states that she is “where [she] needs to be” to make the Thanksgiving turkey this year.

Further Update:  The Moron did this interview at “Triple D Farm and Hatchery.”  I shit you not.  I mean, doesn’t every former Miss Congeniality want to get Triple Ds?


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