Jonathan Looks Frightened

I missed this live performance last night, causing me to question my devotion to my Jonathan.  Forgive me Jon, for I was very much involved in a game of Wii bowling and the season finale of True Blood.  In my path to self-redemption, I immediately jumped on YouTube this morning to locate the highest quality video of the performance.

My Jonathan is so reliably uncomfortable on stage.  Look at how squeamish he appears on stage.  Notice how he watches the other “kids” for dance cues.  Jon, if you’d like, I will be happy to learn all the dance moves for this year’s tour and accompany you across the country and the world to assist you in your dance endeavors.  If you so grant me that privilege, you will have simultaneously made my 4th grade dreams manifest in all their glory.  My tube socks and scrunchie thank you in advance.


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