Drinking Some Booger Soup

As people who know me are aware, I’m pretty much allergic to everything.  Hell, I’m so allergic to the DC spring/summer/fall air, that exposed wounds refused to heal from March until the frost hit in October.  You can imagine the effect such allergies have on my sinuses.  Finally, after hearing rave reviews from several people, and with sufficient distance from my previous failed attempts at using this product, I again attempted the Neti Pot last night.  Here is a picture of my Neti Pot:

My Neti Pot

What is the Neti Pot, you ask?  Well, it’s essentially a nasal irrigation system.  Yes, it is about as butt-nasty as it sounds.  You fill this thing up with a warm saline solution, which can be easily created by mixing a little sea salt with some warm water.  After filling the pot with said solution, you shove the spout up one nostril and tilt your head over your sink, only to have the fluid come out the other nostril. 

. . .

Yes, it’s nasty.  If you do it correctly, you get the immediate sensation that you are drowning while the nasty booger water flows out your open nostril.  For someone like me, who in fact cannot swim and frequently feels like she’s drowning in any situation in which water is over 2 inches high, including my own bathtub, the drowning sensation is creepy and brings with it childhood nightmares.  If you do it incorrectly, the solution actually flows down your throat, thereby giving you a nice salted booger beverage.  Mmmm.  Here is the official Neti Pot video demonstration.  Check out the chick in the video.  Poor thing.  I think I’d rather be in a video for herpes medication.  At least in that video, people will think I’m getting some.

Couple this with the nightguard I wear because of my teeth grinding, and I am one sexy mama.  Cue the meows and growls.  Yeah baby.


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