And a Nominee for the Island is . . .

Rod Blagojevich belongs on the Island.  I mean, seriously.  For those of you living under a rock, Governor Blagojevich of Illinois found it appropriate to attempt to sell the Senate seat that would be vacated upon Barack Obama’s inauguration as President of the United States.  As if attempting to fill seats for an updated version of the Dating Game, Blagojevich named various “candidates” for the position.  This was no ordinary Dating Game though — more like a dating game in the red light district — if candidates were not willing to fork over enough cash to bang the hottest girl on the strip, Blagojevich planned on banging her himself.  Always the romantic, Blagojevich also sought favors for his wife, the foul-mouthed Patricia Blagojevich, known for both her work with charities and her behind the scenes “fuck” tirades.

After being arrested and having the details of his escapades made public in a lengthy and criminal complaint, what did Rod do?  He kept going to work.  Despite requests from both sides of the political fence, including from President-elect Obama himself, Rod continues to go to work, defending his actions while proclaiming his innocence.

So you know what Rod?  Step your ass down.  You have singlehandedly fanned the flames of backlash against progressive America.  When you are convicted, you will enjoy a whole lot of “fuck yous” in prison.  I hope you bring the Vaseline.  As a progressive, I reject you.  You, sir, have been nominated to the Island.


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