Sleeping Puppies — For Your Friday Viewing Pleasure

There is nothing cuter than puppies falling asleep.  So in celebration of all the goodness in the sixth day of the week, I present to you the following videos:

In watching these videos, I realized that they appear much in the same fashion that I appear most days.  Sometimes I’m shocked that I don’t fall midstep on my way to the Metro, in a narcoleptic fit as I break my head open on the icy cold pavement in front of a row of smoking cab drivers who point and draw straws as to who gets to take the idiot around the block and run up the taxi bill before arriving at the ER.

I want a dog.  If I can’t have a dog, I wonder if I can hire someone to pretend to be a dog?  Maybe someone will get on all fours and roll around for me, lick my feet after licking him or herself, and lap up peanut butter.

I just checked the ‘net.  Apparently I can acquire such services in the “red light district.”  Go figure.


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One response to “Sleeping Puppies — For Your Friday Viewing Pleasure

  1. jt

    Not to mention that if you want them to sniff your ass, it’ll only cost an extra $10.
    Or $5, if you find them off Craigslist.

    I’ll be home from the 19th-24th… let me know what your schedule’s like!

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