A Compliment for Dubya

Yes, compliments for Dubya from yours truly are certainly few and far between.  Indeed, I never thought this day would come, especially during the lame duck period before the dawn of a new age of American politics and hope.  Although I still believe that Dubya’s faults far outweigh any characteristics of legitimate value, I have to add a small weight to the scale of stupidity, thereby tipping the balance slightly away from “100% useless.”

I’m sure you’ve all seen this video, or a variation of it, but here goes:

So what, you ask, is the characteristic of legitimate value?  Well, the guy appears to have good reflexes.  That reporter’s shoe was flung with great speed, spinning heel to toe as it vaulted toward the Dub.  Although the shoe was accurately thrown as if a bulls-eye was located squarely on Dubya’s forehead, the Dub was able, with lightning-quick reflexes, to dodge said footwear.

Congratulations Dubya!  You’ve received a compliment from one of your harshest critics.  Now go f*ck off.


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