Whack a Bush

In case you’re at work and looking for a distraction, try these variations of online games in which the object is to effectively chuck a shoe and nail Dubya.

My favorite is Kast sko mot Bush.  A trajectory of 10 and 100 force will hit him square and hard every time.

Can You Throw a Shoe at Bush is a little more complicated, as the player needs to account for a constantly dodging Dubya.

Bush Shoe Throwing Game is a little more graphic, although I have to admit it would have been a little bit awesome if the reporter actually struck gold and made him bleed a bit.

Then there’s Bush Boot Camp, in which the object is to protect Bush from the flying shoes.  I have to say that I lost the first couple of times I played this game, as I continually shot at Bush’s head rather than the flying footwear.  Took me a while to figure out the object of this game.  Oops.

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