Legally Blonde – The Musical

This last weekend, the hubby and I went to the Kennedy Center to watch Legally Blonde, the Musical.  As a whole, the musical was quite the accurate adaptation of the movie I love.  There were quite a few mentions of UCLA, which made me want to lead the entire crowd in an 8-clap (but I refrained).  The depictions of Harvard were quite accurate, as they had the gates, the benches and they mentioned “Hauser.”  The hubby and I chuckled at these minor, but accurate, details.

Legally Blonde - The Musical

I recall that, in law school, JG and I used to always remark at how we felt like little fishies out of water.  I did indeed feel like Elle Woods, sans Bruiser, pink, heels, blonde, and sorority, of course.

As I look back at my three years of law school, I surprise myself with the fact that I actually have good memories.  I found some lifelong friends.  I found my hubby.  I discovered that people don’t all die when the weather goes below 40.  I watched a CV Thrilla for the first time (hee hee).  I consumed a lot of clam chowda.  And I learned how to make a mean dirty martini.

But ultimately, underneath it all, I’m still Elle Woods.  Fish out of water, but an ambitious pirahna-like fish who will eat you alive should you attempt to take advantage of me based on antiquated assumptions as to what asian women are supposed to be like . . . beyotch.


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