10 New Days for Tina Fey — Day Six

First off, before I begin my post in earnest, can I just say that the high today in DC is supposed to be 71???  I swear, I almost pooped my pants in excitement when I walked outside and felt the warmth of the sun beating down upon my face.  Nothing like a little excrement to reflect true happiness.

Speaking of walking outside, I exited the Metro a stop early today just so I could enjoy the weather for just a little longer.  As I was walking, I was abruptly stopped by quite the lengthy motorcade.  At my count, there were 6 motorcycle cops (with those little side baskets — but they were empty, to the relief of the immasculated cops who have to sit in them), followed by two limos, and then a few black SUVs holding many men carrying gigantic weapons.

Holy crap!  I saw Obama!  It’s been a few weeks since I last saw Obama as he walked down Penn Ave hand-in-hand with his wife.  But today, I waved hello again to the President, who is doing his best at undoing the mistakes of the last eight years.  Ok ok, to be perfectly frank, the man I saw in the limo was what appeared to be an old white man with bone-white hair.  But I’m pretty sure it was Obama.  Because if I was working his security detail, I’d totally disguise him as an old white man with bone-white hair.

But this whole disguise thing made me think about how Tina Fey is able to travel to and from the 30 Rock studios?  I read somewhere that she drives a Lexus SUV hybrid (I am not a stalker), so I’m assuming maybe she attempts to travel incognito?  Most celebrities hide themselves rather poorly by donning some type of hat and some sunglasses.  I imagine that Tina Fey probably does the same thing — although during the winter, sunglasses wouldn’t exactly make sense, so perhaps what she does is that she doesn’t wear glasses because she normally wears glasses and Tina Fey sans glasses would throw people off as to whether she was actually Tina Fey, but then again, without glasses, she may be quite the road threat.  I am rambling.  The point is, next time I’m in Manhattan or Queens, and I see an SUV with a lone female driving and donning a strange looking hat, with no glasses, and weaving erratically, I will follow said vehicle and create my own motorcade of two until the driver of said vehicle exits, after which I will exit and happen to “accidentally” run into the driver and hand her my script.

Discover me, Tina Fey!


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