10 New Days for Tina Fey — Day Eight

One of the greatest things about 30 Rock is that Tina Fey and her staff have essentially cursed on television, albeit in a backdoor sort of way.  By inventing “words” and speaking such words at comedically opportune times during the show, one can easily deduce that certain words mean “shit” or “fuck.”

Speaking of saying things on television that you shouldn’t say, check out this video:

So people are allergic to penis and upset when airlines serve penis?  I mean, let’s examine this in a completely literal way.  What would you do if your friendly flight attendant decided to give you a nice bag of salted penis?  Or, if you’re on an airline that splurges on such things, how about some honey-roasted penis?  Would you be pissed if they served you penis in shells, forcing you to unpeel your own penis?

I was once on a Southwest flight where, during takeoff, with the plane pointed upwards, the flight attendants sent snack bags down the aisle.  Imagine sitting in the aisle and reaching down to grab a bag of penis for yourself, and a couple bags of penis for your aislemates?

Next time I’m on a flight, I just might ask my flight attendant for an extra bag of penis.  If she doesn’t laugh, I may ask for a bag of penis for my hubby too.  Hell, why not just ask for the flight attendant to distribute penis all over the plane!

So Tina Fey?  Next time you want to say penis on the air, say peanuts instead.  They’re both nutty.  They’re both uniquely shaped.  And both can provoke allergies.

Discover me, Tina Fey!


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