10 Days for NPH — Day Eight

Last night, the new season of So You Think You Can Dance really kicked off as the 10 couples danced for America’s votes.  I have to say that I absolutely, whole-heartedly, and unequivocally LOVE this show.  I cannot get enough of it, and for the record, I am thrilled at the fact that the show will begin its new season this fall (and can Natalie please try out again, kill it in Vegas week, and get on the damn show?).  

For those of you who have been following my blog, it is very apparent that I have delusional aspirations of becoming a Hollywood screenwriter.  I mean, being a lawyer is awesome.  I essentially engage in verbal and written warfare all day, thereby vicariously reliving the days of my youth when I secretly thought about how cool it would be to actually fight someone after school at the church.  Speaking of which, I used to always think it was  a bit ironic that the delinquents of my school chose the purportedly sacred grounds of a place of worship to engage in physical violence.  Yes, I was a bit precocious.

Anyways, if Tina Fey NPH never hears my pleas, perhaps I should strive to meet another unattainable goal?  So Tina Fey NPH, pay attention to the following ultimatum (please).  If you do not respond to my pleas, I may just have to refocus my maniacal and delusional attention.  And where will I refocus my pleas, you ask?  

I will be a lyrical hip hop dancer.

Yes, I can hear the laughter traveling through the Web.  I can sense the mockery and chuckles.  But I ignored the jeers of my peers when I first announced that I would be making these pleas to Tina Fey NPH.  Granted, the pleas have so far yielded little in substantive response—I’ve gotten a few encouraging comments; the hubby hasn’t left me; and a flight attendant gave me extra peanuts as we shared stories of delusional fantasies.  So it’s not like I’ve come out completely empty.  So if I took the energy and devotion from scriptwriting, and invested that passion  into my lyrical hip hop training, I will be a force to be reckoned with.  To dabble in this delusion, I will take a three-pronged approach.  First, I will study the lyrical hip hop dances on So You Think You Can Dance (including watching them over and over again in order to memorize the movements and practice in front of the TV).  Second, I will enroll in a lyrical hip hop class—preferably one that does not require any technical training.  Although I did spend much of college digesting the choreography of various NSYNC songs, including Bye Bye Bye, Tearin’ Up My Heart, I Want You Back, and It’s Gonna Be Me.  Perhaps that could be considered “technical” training.  E.g., if my instructor were to ask me to give a nice “Bye Bye Bye” fist pump, I could do that in my sleep.

Finally, as the final step in my delusion investigation, I will engage in street performance.  I will set up in a populated area and perform various lyrical hip hop routines (preferably self-choreographed).  I will place two containers to accept donations.  One container will be labeled, “YOU’RE BAD ASS” and another container will be labeled, “YOU’RE BAD.”  That will enable me to gain an objective perspective on my dance training.

Finally, for some inspiration, here are my favorites from last night’s SYTYCD.  P.S. DISCOVER ME, TINA FEY NPH!!!

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